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The French-born Petipa, choreographer for the then Tsar, worked with Tchaikovsky in the ideas as well as score of Nutcracker but fell ill before he could work out the Ballet choreography, leaving that job to his equally famous Russian colleague Ivanov.

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Q: Who was the original choreographer for The Nutcracker?
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Who was the original choreographer for The Nutcracker ballet?

It's debated that it was either Ivanov or Petipa, no one knows for certain. Hope that helps.

How many acts are The Nutcracker' ballet?

2 or 3 acts depending on the choreographer.

Who was the Original choreographer of The Pajama Game?

The original choreographer of The Pajama Game was Bob Fosse.

What type of dance is the Nutcracker?

The original Nutcracker play was ballet.

Who wrote the original Nutcracker play?

The original nutcracker play was written by E.T.A Hoffmman in 1816. In 1892 the story was turned into a ballet by Alexandre Dumas that is based on the original story the Nutcracker and Mouse king.

Who was the original choreographer of Cinderella?


Who is the most famous ballet choreographer?

George Balanchine was probably the most famous ballet choreographer. He created many original works that ballet companies still dance today. His works are complex and challenging for the dancers who dance in them. He choreographed his own version of the Nutcracker and he helped found the New York City Ballet.

Who is the author of the original Nutcracker?

Peter Tchaivovsky

Who was the choreographer for the Lion King?

The original choreographer for the Lion King stage musical was Garth Fagan.

Who composed 'The Nutcracker'?

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was the original composer.Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Name the famous Christmas ballet enjoyed by children?

The Nutcracker suite.The Nutcracker suite.The Nutcracker suite.The Nutcracker suite.The Nutcracker suite.The Nutcracker suite.

What type of dance does maurius petipa do?

Ballet! He is a very famous French dancer, teacher and choreographer who did ballets such as Premier Maitre de Ballet, Don Quixote, Le Tailsman, The Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker