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Definitly a chasse, and for the record pirouette means to it's not a type of turn. just sayin'.

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Q: Which of the following is not a turn channe pique pirouette or chasse?
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What is the name of a turn movement in a ballet?

There are many different turns in ballet, all with different names, but the most commonly known one is called a pirouette, and that's probably what you're thinking of.

What is the ballet term for a 360 degrees turn on one foot?

There is one turn called a pirouette where you turn 360 degrees on the ball of your foot. There is also~ Pirouettes en dehor (outside pirouette which is what a reg. pirouette is)~ Pirouettes en dedan (inside pirouette)~ Pencil turn~Pique turn~ Lame duck~Chaines~Attitude turn (Your leg can be front or back attitude)~Fouette~A la s econd (a fouette, but with your leg out in second the entire time)~Coupe turns~Axels~Turning leaps

What does pique mean in ballet?

Pique means "to prick". There are different kinds. At the barre they are used, like little quick taps of the tip of the toe with a fully extended and pointed leg. The accent is up, much like pricking someone with a pin. It's not a stab, but a quick tap. In center they can be used differently. Pique turns, difficult to describe, but you push/slightly jump to an extended leg, to the ball of the foot or pointe, and turn. Also a pique can be a pique arabesque, same idea as the turn but it goes to an arabesque. I have taught ballet for 10 years and was a professional for 11. I have seen and done too many to count.

What is the difference between fouettes and pique turns?

Fouette turns are done in one stationary position, and pique turns are usually done travelling. Also, in a fouette turn, the working leg does not ever touch the ground, whereas the working leg in a pique turn goes down to the floor between each turn. They are two completely different turns, but these are some basic differences. Also, fouettes are much more difficult, haha.

What are ballet traveling turns?

turns executed whilst moving across/around the stage. for example: pique tourne chenae's youtube them

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