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Billy Elliot

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Q: Which film and musical are about a miner's son who wishes to become a ballet dancer?
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Which film and musical are about a miners son who wishes to become a ballet dancer?

Billy Elliot, I'm not sure if it's Elliott, or Elliot. But it's definitely that.

What is the role of men in Billy Elliot the movie?

"Jackie Elliot" - Billy's Father "Tony Elliot" - Billy's Older Brother Ensemble - Miners, Police "Mr. Braithwaite" - Piano Player for Ms. Wilkinson "George" - Boxing Coach Older Billy Ballet Dancer - The Royal Ballet Thomas' Father - Father of Posh Boy at Auditions at The Royal Ballet

Why did miners go to different places?

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Was Billy Elliot a real person?

No, it is not based on a true story. The story is loosely based on stories of boy's all around England that have had a dream of becoming a Ballet dancer that come from working class families, such as coal miners, industrial workers, etc. The movie was inspired by the story of a man called Sir Thomas Allen.

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No, they are copper miners.

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James Humphrey, George "California" Noon, Shannon Bell, Israel Swan

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