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A Melissa and Doug Ballerina Doll can be purchased directly from the official Melissa and Doug web site. Toys R Us and Amazon also offer this doll for sale.

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Q: Where can someone purchase a Melissa and Doug Ballerina doll?
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Where can one purchase Melissa and Doug play food sets?

Melissa and Doug play food sets can be purchase at many local pet stores. If there are no local pet stores which carry Melissa and Doug play food sets, these sets can be purchased directly from Melissa and Doug online.

How do you purchase puppets from Melissa and Doug?

Melissa & Doug have a website from which it is possible to purchase both hand puppets and marionettes. One may order the puppets online and the shipping is free if the order is over $60.

Where can one purchase Melissa and Doug train sets?

One can purchase Melissa and Doug train sets from a number of local toy stores like ToysRus, and Barenshus. One can also purchase it from online stores such as Amazon and Cool Toys for Tots.

Where can one purchase Melissa and Doug toy blocks?

Melissa and Doug toy blocks are available at a number of stores, including Toys "R" Us, Kohl's, and Bed Bath & Beyond. They can also be found online though Amazon or Overstock.

Where can one purchase a Melissa and Doug dollhouse cheap?

The official Melissa and Doug website is now offering 50% off on it's items in the store. Also one may check auction sites such as eBay as well as used item sites including Amazon or Craigslist.

Where can I get a paint set and easel?

One can purchase a paint set and easel at a discounted price on Amazon or eBay. One can also go to Michael's, Melissa & Doug, or Walmart to purchase them.

Where can one purchase Melissa and Doug puzzles?

Melissa & Doug is a company that offers thousands of innovative products for children of all ages. Among these products are puzzles. They boasts that they have a puzzle for everyone. These products can be ordered from their website that bears their names and from popuplar online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Are Melissa and doug actual people?


What is Melissa and doug's last name?


Who are Melissa and Doug Easel?

Melissa and Doug started a business in their garage and soon, they grew up and became on of the greatest manufacturers of toys for children. Their puzzles are very famous.

Where can one find reviews for Melissa and Doug?

One can find reviews for Melissa And Doug on various websites including but not limited to; Amazon, Citizen Reader, Melissaanddoug,com, as well as most store websites where the toys are available for purchase. Also check toy or child or parent magazines, as they often review toys and games.

What kind of company is Melissa and Doug?

Melissa & Doug is a toy company. It sells toys, arts and crafts supplies, educational and classroom materials, and childrens' camping and picnic supplies.