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Seriously I would just Google 1st-6th position. If i Could explain them I would but you have to see it

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Q: What website can you use to learn all of the terms and poses of ballet?
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Where can one learn more about ballet terms?

The American Ballet Theatre has an online ballet dictionary, which has listings and definitions for 170 ballet terms. The website includes pictures, and lumps definitions into similar groups.

What are the good things of ballet dance?

Type your answer here... The best or good things about dancing Ballet is that you can learn to have a good posture. And you will learn to be more flexible. And that you will learn to be graceful. Ballet is the root of all dances since it is considered the only dance with all the terms. And one thing that is also great about Ballet is that it is a good and fun exercise. And once you've started ballet, it is unusual not to like it.

What are the languages for ballet?

Ballet terms are in French.

What does ballet have to do with Paris?

Nothing, the ballet terms are french.

Where ballet started?

Ballet started in France, which is why all ballet terms are in French.

Where did the word ballet originate and where?

I am guessing France since all the ballet terms are french.

How many terms do ballet dancers have to know?

lots of different ones. not only English terms, but french aswell. a ballet teacher will usually use only the french terms.

From which of these terms is the word ballet derived?

balloThe word ballet comes from the French and was borrowed into English around 1630.

Is ballet french or Italian?

It originated in Italy, but in the 17th and 18th centuries the dominant centre of ballet was the French Royal Court, which is why most ballet terms are French.

What do jete allonge plie and fondu have in common?

These are ballet terms. Because ballet became formalized in France, a significant part of ballet terminology is in the French language.

What are some ballet terms that begin with the letter K?


What language is Ballet terminology?

The brunt of ballet terminology is French. When using Russian technique there are also additional terms in that language.