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Ballet has always used Classical Music like today. Usually its a CD if you see a ballet you rarely come across dancers performing to a Live Orchestra;.

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Q: What type of music was originally used for ballet?
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What type of misic is used for ballet?

clasical music

What kind of music is used for ballet?

Classical Music

What kind of music is used for performing ballet?

Classical music

Are saxophones used in ballet music?


What style of music is used for ballet?

usually classic

What was ballet originally used for?

ballet wasn't used for a purpose it was used as a way to entertain and a way of becoming a stronger dancer today nearly all acpescts of dance revolve around ballet

Is classical music used in ballet?

Um yeah all the time. Yes, classical music is I think the only music used in ballet. For any other question about dance ask me as I am a talented dancer. I specialise in Hip-Hop, Ballet and Contempory.

What music is used with Nutcracker ballet?

thickosky (sorry about spelling)

What music is used in ballet?

Ballet companies mostly use classical music, but some ballets use more modern music. My studio has done peices to contemporary and jazz songs before, so the music ballet companies use can vary.

How was a guitar originally used?

For music.

What kind of music is used in The Nutcracker?

The Nutcracker is an immensely popular holiday season ballet written by Tchaikovsky. Virtually all of the music is ballet music. You might also call it programatic or program music.

Why is classical music used in ballet?

For the following reasons: * It was the music of the time when ballet was first being danced. Classical music was the "popular" and "cool" music of the time. * It's beautiful songs really connect with ballet. * Even after classical music was not the popular music of the day, everyone thought of ballet with classsical music. * Older ballets were already written to classical music, it wouldn't make sense to rewrite the music for those historic and beautiful ballets.

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