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Ballet dance and African dance are both performance dances.

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2013-10-28 23:36:11
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Q: Similarities between African dance and Ballet?
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What are the differences between ballet and fencing?

ballet=====dance fencing======sport

What are some similarities between classical ballet and traditional dance?

classical dance is a relatively new umbrella term for various codified artforms rooted in Natya, the sacred Hindu musical theatre styles

What is the similarities with hip hop and ballet?

Well ballet is a basis of all good dancing. Whatever dance you do, ballet will improve all of your skills including: posture, flexibility, etc. Hope this helps!

Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

What of dance is involved in ballet?

Ballet is a type of dance.

What was the first dance?

Ballet. Ballet is the foundation of all dance.

What are similarities of ballet and hip hop?

They are both a form of dance, they both require skill and they are both performed world wide.

What is the difference between Contemporary dance and modern Jazz?

according to ebiswagg in contemporary dance, when you dance it you dance from the inside and you make it soft and interprets whit the dance. you have to be good in ballet for you to dance the modern jazz,because its mostly your ballet technique you use.

What is difference between classical ballet and street dance?

ballet is slow and steet dancing is funky fast dancing

What is the dance movie where the last dance is in white and a cross between ballet and hip hop?

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How do you dance ballet?

You do not only dance ballet, you feel it too! You have to be graceful and you have to do a lot of research on ballet if you want a good dance school and teacher. If you want to dance professionally, you will need to have been dancing ballet to succeed! Ballet is the key to everything! That is what you would do!

What type of art is ballet?

Ballet is a method of dance. Dance is a performing art

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