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yes. i hate how girls say theyre not in style anymore im 17 and i wear them all the time with my flats instead of those stupid little footie things. only thing with knee highs is sometimes they makex

my feet stink :x

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Q: Should one wear knee highs with ballet flats?
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Where can you get knee highsWhat store can i find knee highs?

You can find a variety of knee high socks at Delias.

Things you can wear that begin with the letter k?

knee highs

How long are the shoelaces for converse knee-highs?

72 inches

What is a basic knee bend in ballet called?

I can't be sure, since "basic knee bend" isn't very exact. But most any knee bend in Ballet can be referred to as a plie. (pronounced plee-ay)

Something you wear that begin with the letter k?

knee socks knit sweater knee highs

How long should you stay off pointe in ballet after seriously injuring your knee?

At least 3 months, and that is with lots of physical therapy.

What is a passe in ballet?

a passe is when you touch your toe to the side of your knee.

Where can one purchase knee highs?

Knee Highs can most commonly be purchased at large and small retail stores in the clothing section. Also many pharmacies and drug stores often carry them as well. For the best selection, check you local department store.

Do emo people wear knee-high socks?

Yes, emo girls will wear knee-highs with skirts. Grey or black ones. They must be dreary and non-colorful.

What do you wear with jeggings?

Wear them with high boots. Just under the knee or right above with a form fitting shirt and blazer or with a tunic style sweater:)

Do people in japan have to wear loose socks?

Japanese school students are not forced to wear loose socks, but in most schools in Japan pupils must wear socks such as knee-highs or thigh-highs as part of their uniform. Scrunchy socks can be an option; some school girls wear them as a fashion object and to keep warm in the winter. Along with the knee-highs and thigh-highs, some schools add them as a part of the uniform for fashion, equality, femininity and to keep legs warm.

Did 1950s girls where flats with socks?

Yes, they used to wear flats or mocs with white ankle or knee socks with skirts just above the knee. But as a rite of passage to a grown girl, many of them passed to black hose and heels with major or late college years.