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With his hand.

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Q: In the movie twilight did James break Bella leg with his hand or foot at the ballet studio?
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In the movie Twilight did James' foot break Bella's leg in the ballet studio scene?

In the movie Twilight, James intentionally breaks Bella's leg during the ballet studio scene. He does this to provoke the Cullens in order to get their attention and make them respond to his threat against Bella.

When was Bella in the hospital after the ballet studio?

Bella was in hospital in phoenix when James attacked her in the ballet studio.

What is the name if the Ballet Studio that Bella goes and confronts James?

The ballet studio where Bella confronts James is called the Thunderbird and Whale Ballet Studio.

In twilight where was Bella when James called her?

If you are referring to on the phone: At her house. If you are referring to person-to-person: at the ballet studio.

What are 2 main events that happen in the book Twilight?

Edward and Bella fall in love, and when James chases Bella, and when he hurts her in the ballet studio.

Which leg did Bella hurt in twilight?

In the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, Bella hurt her leg in the ballet studio when James attacks her. Her right leg is injured during the struggle.

Where did James and Bella Go In the movie?

Bella's old ballet studio

What was Edward Cullen trying to do when Bella got hurt in the first twilight?

He was trying to suck all of the venom out of her if your talking about the bit with James and Bella in the ballet studio.

In Twilight Movie Why Did Bella Think her mom was in the ballet room?

Because, James had the video tape, which had her mom's voice on it, which tricked Bella into thinking James had taken her mother, and James told her something about harming her mom if she didn't come to the ballet studio.

In twilight what chapter did James trick Bella?

In "Twilight," James tricks Bella in Chapter 18, titled "The Hunt." James lures Bella to the ballet studio by pretending to have captured her mother, Renee.

In the book twilight who was the only prey who ever escaped James?

Nobody, he was destroyed by the Cullen's in the ballet studio.

Who was tracking Bella into the mirrored room?

In the Twilight book, it was James the vampire who tracked her into the ballet studio (or mirrored room, which ever). Lots of love Hjaw123 xx P.s. I Love Twilight.