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I am not sure but I will be guessing around 20 or more.

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Q: How much do ballet skirts cost?
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What are the puffy skirts called?

As in ballet? Tutu's.

How much do ballet schools mainly cost in London?

Up to £50.00

How much do leather ballet shoes cost?

Around twenty dollars

How much does it cost for teens to learn ballet?

The cost varies from place to place, but it can get quiet expensive.

How much does a ballet leotard cost?

A basic leotard costs about $15 dollars.

How much does a king bedskirt cost?

Depending on the material and brand, it can cost from twenty to two hundred dollars. Some of the skirts can cost much more than this and some are less.

How much do Ballet & Dance lessons cost?

Dance lessons and ballet lessons cost about thirty to fifty dollars a lesson. They cost a little more than most people would like but they are well worth the money.

How much does ballet shoes cost?

depends on the type of shoe jazz shoes ; $20- $80 ballet shoes ; $15 - $40 pointe shoes; $40- $100

How much do ballet shoes cost?

This depends on the shoe.... On discount dance a Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet Slipper costs about $14. Pointe shoes cost around $70-300. Hope i helped(: <3, Marissa

How muck did skirts cost in 1903?

$5- $6

How much is the ballet costumes cost?

This depends on what type of costume you are talking about. Most small studios order pre made costumes that normally cost around $80. On the other hand, professional, custom fitted tutus may cost up to $2500. This high cost depends on how many layers of tulle the tutu has and how much detailing the top of the tutu has. These tutus are often bought by ballet students in pre-professional ballet academies and youth ballet dancers that compete in competitions like PRIX and such that get you noticed by the ballet companies. Once ballet dancers get excepted into a company, all the costumes are re-worn and fitted to each dancer. The dancers pay no money for the costumes because they are owned by the company and they only wear them for performances.

Has ballet stayed the same?

Actually, ballet has changed dramatically over the years. In the 1500 to 1600, "ballet" was more of a ballroom dance. Also, they didn't use stages of platforms until the later 1600. Another thing is that in the early 1600, ballet was mainly for men. The women wore tight corset, long, heavy skirts, and wigs. Because of this they could only move from pose to pose. To learn more, go to my website:!Yes ballet has stayed pretty much the same. Ballet dancing is hunreds of years old and has hardly changed at all.

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