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Well, I suppose - physically, it is possible for a boy to wear a tutu, although it may look a little strange! If the boy is a very young child then, of course it is FINE for him to dress up playing gmaes, but If he is older, I am sure he will not want the possible humiliation, although it is his own personal choice!

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A boy may wear one, but it kinda looks weird, If your a boy who has a tutu. I DARE YOU!

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Q: Can a boy wear a tutu?
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Can a boy wear a ballet tutu?

Not traditionally, but if you so desired you could go in drag.

What can a boy wear with a tutu?

I'm a boy I want to wear one for Halloween without looking gay (I know that's hard to do) its red, black and white. Please help!

What did Stephen f. Austin wear?

a tutu

Would Lady Gaga wear a tutu?

Lady Gaga has wore a tutu in her marry the night music video.

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What does a ballerina wear around the waist?

This garment is called a Tutu

What would a ballerina wear around her waist that is frilly?

It is a tutu.

What should you wear with a rainbow tutu?

i think you should wear a pink or yellow lether jacket

What kind of clothing did the Sierra Miwok Indian tribe wear?


Is it ok for a man to wear a tutu?

no, it would be weird for people to watch.

What do ballet dancing people wear?

Ballet tights made from spandex. The women wear tutu's as well sometimes.

What color tutu did Yvette Chauvire wear?

She wore a pink tutu in the photograph. She wore a black tutu in Swan Lake. She wore a white tutu for Giselle.