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The first Paralympic Games were called the International Wheelchair Games, and took place the year 1948, they were intended to coincide with the Olympic Games that took place the same year. In the other hand, the first Paralympic Winter Games were held in 1976, in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden.

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Q: Where and when were the first paralympics held?
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When was the first paralympics held?


Where were the first paralympics held?


Who won the first Paralympics?

The first Paralympics were held in Rome, Italy, in 1960. These were the first official Paralympics, and also the first international games. Italy won the first Paralympics with 29 gold medals.

Where were the first official Paralympics held?


When was the first modern Paralympics held?

1642 in greece

Where were the last Paralympics held in 2008?

Paralympics are always held in the same venue as the Olympics. So in 2008 both the Olympics and the Paralympics were held in Bejing, China

When will the next paralympics take place?

china beijing Answer 2008 Summer Paralympics were held in Beijing, China2012 Summer Paralympics will be held in London, England2006 Winter Paralympics were held in Turin, Italy2010 Winter Paralympics will be held in Vanvouver, BC, Canada2014 Winter Paralympics will be held in Sochi, RussiaIn 2012 the Summer Paralympics will be held in London (UK), and in 2016 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).In 2014 the Winter Paralympics will be held in Sochi (Russia), and in 2018 Pyeongchang (South Korea).Thanks for reading,Hopes this helps x

When were the first Paralympics?

it was first held in 1960 Rome ,Italy there were 23 countries involved and 400 contestantsThe first Para- Olympics was held in Athens stadium in Greece

When and where was the first Paralympics held?

1948 organised by Ludwig guttmann for two war veterans

When where the first paralympics held?

it was invented in 1960 rome

What is the Paralympics games?

The Paralympics are Olympics for the disabled. They are usually held the week after the Olympics

When and where was the fists paralympics held?