What team was Lewis latimer?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What team was Lewis latimer?
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Who influenced Lewis Latimer?

thomas edison inspired Lewis Latimer

Who are Lewis Latimer parents?

Lewis Latimers parents are George and Rebecca Latimer

When was Lewis H. Latimer House created?

Lewis H. Latimer House was created in 1889.

What were Lewis Howard Latimer's siblings names?

jim latimer

Did Lewis Latimer have a dad?

Yes. His name was George Latimer.

When did Lewis latimer live at?

The inventor Lewis Latimer died on December 11th, 1928 on long island.

Where did Lewis latimer attend college at?

where did Lewis latimer attend college at or name

What was Lewis latimer siblings named?

one of them is William H. Latimer.

Does Lewis latimer have children's?

he does have children in fact he has 2 *Emma J. Latimer* *Louis R. Latimer

Were does latimer Lewis live?

Lewis Latimer lives in Flushing, New York. But his home is now a muesam and welcome to visitors.

When is Lewis latimer birthday?

The birthday for African-American inventor and draftsman Lewis Latimer was September 4, 1848. Latimer worked with Alexander Graham Bell on the drawings for the telephone.

Did Lewis Latimer invent pizza?