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Q: In cricket one over eliminator via boundary count back?
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What kind of cricket is black and brown with grasshopper back legs it might be a katydid?

cave cricket or camel cricket

Is a camelback spider a spider or a cricket?

The camel back is a cricket with spider-like legs.

What is the back boundary called in tennis?

The baseline

You want return money back of delhi cricket match?

Why not Everybody wants their money back of Delhi cricket match. Because no match happens their.

What is a back lift?

The term back lift is a word used by cricket players. This is used when a cricket player lifts his bat when he is going to hit the ball.

Why is the slide on your Nerf eliminator not going forward after you cock it?

do you mean your blaster? because i don't own one, but it is meant to stay back after it is cocked.

What is the result of a broken static eliminator strip in a laser printer?

What will happen if your static-eliminator strip is broken, is it will stick to the photo-sensitive drum and be pulled back into the printer. If the paper comes out looking like an accordion then it will most likely be that the static-eliminator is not pulling the charge from the paper.

What is a back foot?

In cricket, a back foot is the batsman's foot closest to the wicket.

Who created the game Cricket?

The English did, back in 1598

What are the different types of backups?

The Cricket back up

What is a back boundary line?

Most phrases can be understood by thinking about what each word means. General meaning Back means rear, or farthest away Boundary means a specified line separating two places. A line is often thought of as straight, but can be an uneven line. A line also delineates areas. So a "back boundary line" is a specified boundary at the rear. Your back yard has a "back property line" as does a tennis court. Note: Also see Tennis terms.

The bouncing back as it meets a surface or boundary is called what?

the rebound