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Q: How many times did Pele get the golden boot?
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How many times has messi won golden boot?

Messi has won 1 golden boot

How many time cristiano take the golden boot?

cristiano took the golden boot four times.

How many times ronaldo win golden boot?


How many golden balls has messi won?


How many times did Pele play in the world cup?

how many goal did Pele score in the 1966 world cup

How many times was Pele sent off?

never five

How many times has Pele' lost a match?

He lost once.

How many times Pele won the world cup?


How many times has thiery henry won english golden boot?

Four: 2001-2 2003-4 2004-5 2005-6

How many golden boots has Fernando Torres won?

In the world cup Torres has not yet won a golden boot.

How many fifa golden boot has david becham won?

I do not think he has won it as yet.

What awards did Pele get?

Pele won the world cup three times, the only man to do it. He won many trophies with Santos as well.