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I think that game is called Cricket.

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Q: What is the game that you cut wood to get a ball in a place?
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How do you make a ball bearing game?

First you cut four peices of wood the to longer then the other.Second you make a halving joints in them.Then you stick them together to make a box.then you cut your peices of wood and drill your hole into a flat peice of plywood what you want inside them.So you can play fun games that you have made.

How do you make a b-ball backboard?

You can take a large piece of wood and cut in in a rectangle or in the shape of a backboard.

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To make a model on the functioning of the eye, a person can use a small hollow rubber ball and a mirror. Cut the ball in half and place the mirror at the back. Then cut out the pupil area and place something reflective in the bottom of the cut out.

Where is a good place to buy wood fence stakes?

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Is wood made from plants?

Wood is not made, it is grown. Wood is cut from the trunks of trees after they have been cut down.

How do you use a cold chisel and ball peen hammer to remove or cut metal?

You make sure the chisel is sharp and place the edge on the metal you wish to cut and hit it with a hammer, I prefer a small sledge to a ball peen hammer.

What wood is easy to cut and shape?

Balsa Wood

Is cerry wood a thin wood?

If you cut it that way.

How do you beat civiballs 2 vikings 5?

First, cut the red ball above the platform. Next, cut the double-chained red ball and get it into the cannon. A green ball should be swinging now. Cut that ball into the cannon. Now, cut the now swinging red ball when it swings to the red bucket. Finally, cut the last green ball. Level completed.

What is a physical property of wood?

When you cut a piece of wood the wood in general is still there.

What did some Mayan inscription suggest happened to players on the losing team who played their ball game called pok-a-tok?

The losers of the game had their heads cut off.

Is it possible to cut wood with a plasma cutter?

No, plasma cutters should not be used to cut wood. This process would end up burning the wood and is designed specifically to cut steel and other metal