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birdies are a good score to get in Golf

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Q: What games are played with birdies?
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Where is 4 birdies in gold challenger toy chest?

Hint 1 : There are 2 birdies on each page. Hint 2 : Some of the birdies are used in a sport. Hint 3 : One of the birdies is not like the rest.

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Birdies: DJ Quack, Prof. Purplex, Peppy, Tiki

What game do you use birdies in?

Badminton. You also get birdies in golf, though it wouldn't be said that you "use" them.

Are there different types of birdies available for badminton?

The birdies are the same size and weight, but do come in colors.

Where are the two birdies of brass spooky night pg 14?

They are the two lamp shades. It's a play on words, meaning Badminton birdies.

Who has the most birdies in the second round of The Masters?

Anthony Kim of the United States holds the record for most birdies in the second round of the Masters. His 11 birdies at the 2009 masters is the mark.

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It's for the Birdies - 1962 was released on: USA: November 1962

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Jail Birdies - 1927 was released on: USA: 10 April 1927

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