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It means to cast (throw, toss, flick) a baited hook, or fly, out onto the water.

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Q: What does cast mean in archery?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Cavalcade of Archery - 1946?

The cast of Cavalcade of Archery - 1946 includes: Knox Manning as Narrator

What actors and actresses appeared in Art of Archery - 1951?

The cast of Art of Archery - 1951 includes: Art Gilmore as Narrator

Who is the goddess of Archie?

If you mean Archery, The Greek Goddess of hunting / Archery was Artemis, "The huntress". I think.

Where is the archery target hidden in superbia?

If you mean the archery target for the brave task then it is in the trading post.

What does tir a l'arc mean in English?

It means archery.

What does commons with a archery butt mean?

archery is a very good game but peaple don't know it because its not so outing program

How many zeros does an Archery target have?

Do you mean scoring rings?

What is the aim of archery?

If by aim you mean motive then the motive of archery like any sport is to train ones body both physically and mentally. Archery can also improve ones aim and hand eye coordination.

What does barebow mean in archery?

Shooting with out modern aids such as triggers and sights.

What do people shoot arrows at?

Archery, and some types of hunting.

What is flecthing for?

If you mean "fletching" it's the feathers on the rear end of an arrow in archery.

What is sky archery?

sky archery was a brand of archery like a sky conquest