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It is referring to the breaking strength of the line. 8lb test line will likely break when 8lbs of force are applied to it.

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Q: What does 8lb fishing line mean?
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What does cardel mean?

"fishing line"

Will a Fishing pole with four line holes be able to hold the weight of a large fish?

All depends how heavy the rod is designed to hold it should have a number like 8lb or something stamped into it this gives u the weight of an 8lb fish if its an old rod just catch whatever u can if it breaks go buy a better rod.

What does the Latin word Linea mean?

Linea can mean a string, a cord, a fishing-line, a plumb-line, a finishing line in a race.

What is the best fishing line for flats fishing?

The best line would possibly be a 6 pound line maybe 8 If you mean fishing saltwater marsh flats, mono is better than fluorocarbon because it does not fray as easily.

What does this mean There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot Steven Wright?

You would be just standing like an idiot if you had no fine line (fishing line).

Is fishing line recyclable?

Yes. Some fishing spots have recyle receptacles for fishing line.

Why do some people prefer braid fishing line?

There are many advantages to using braid fishing line while fishing. One of the main reasons to use braid fishing line is to have a fishing line that will not stretch, which is advantageous for some types of activity whilst fishing.

How is fishing line made?

fishing line is made by materials and machines

How do you get started fishing?

To get started, you will need equipment, like the following:a medium action spinning rod that can be strung with 8lb test line (a good line)a small tackle boxsome size 2 hookssome split shotlive bait or a plastic luresome small crank baits like rattling rappels or rebel crick hopper

Is nylon fishing line a elastic or plastic?

is nylon fishing line elastic or plastic

Can you out a fishing line on your teeth?

You can cut monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines with your teeth, but you can not cut braided or dacron fishing line with your teeth.

What is the best fishing line for course fishing?