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Q: Why were they originally held to honor whom?
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Why where the Olympics originally held?

they were originally held in rome.

Originally who did Halloween honor?

Halloween honor the dead

Whom should you honor?

Honor those whose accomplishments and/or self-sacrifice merit honor.

Why were the Olympic Games banished?

One of Rome's Christian emperors banned the Olympic Games, which had originally been held in honor of the gods who dwelled on Mount Olympus.

New York was originally held by the?

New York was originally held by the Dutch.

Why did Greece have the Olympics?

Originally, the Greeks held the Olympics to honor their gods. The games served as a way to trumpet each cities gods. It was eventually outlawed because it was considered "pagan worship."

What games were held to honor the greek god of Zeus?

The games that were held to honor the greek god Zeus was callled'the Olympic Games.

What places were the Original Olympics held?

They were originally held at Athens

Three ways Greeks showd that their gods were important to them?

They built massive temples in their honor and held festivals, sometimes over a week long, to show them honor as well. Even the Olympics were held in honor of the gods.

How do mortals honor Demeter?

Thesmophoria was a festival held in Greek cities, in honor of the goddesses Demeter

Where was the Olympics originally held?


What is a Roman feast held in December Held in honor of god of Agriculture called?