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The Olympic torch is part of a tradition going back thousands of years to the original Greek Olympics; it symbolizes the blessing of Apollo, the sun god (the Olympic flame is first ignited with sunlight, using a concave mirror to focus the light). We no longer worship Apollo, but we still light the torch.

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They were trying to put the torch out in protest of China's occupation of Tibet.

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so they have somthing to see at night

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Q: Why were people trying to quench the Olympic torch?
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Why wre there people trying to quench the olympic torch?

People were trying to put out the Olympic torch as a result of protests against China's political and human rights policies, particularly against China's occupation of Tibet.

Why do people use the Olympic torch?

because they want everyone to come together and pass the torch to lots of diffrent people to come together.

Why do you light the Olympic torch?

A torch is carried to help people see in the dark of night.

Who enters in the Olympic torch relay?

usually people that enter the torch relay are mostly people from the country that hosts the olympic games that year.

What people are carrying the Olympic torch this year?


How many holes are on the olympic torch?

There are 8,000 holes on the Olympic torch. This is beacause there are 8,000 torch bearers. (They're the people who run with the torch.) Hope this helps and GO TEAM GB! WOO!

Why do you have the Olympic torch?

we have the olympic torch to reprecent the countrey

What issues China faced during olympic torch relay?

They faced the humilation of protesters trying to put out the torch over an invation of Tibet. Kind of useless becaus it just a fire on a torch. The protesters are quite dim. If the fire goes out, the torch relay people will just relight it.

What is different about the final Olympic torch bearer?

The final Olympic torch bearer will use the torch to light the cauldron at the Olympic venue.

How many people ran with the olympic torch this year?

i dont no

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How many people are running with the olympic torch in 2012?