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Q: Why does a torch light go dimmer if you leave it on for long?
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How do you open a torch from AG-tel mobile?

Long press the torch light button in bottom row keys

How do they change the light bulbs in the torch of the statue of liberty?

There's a long, narrow ladder inside the arm that maintenance people can climb to perform this and other maintenance functions on the torch.

Which has the brightest light sun or moon or car headlights or torch or bedside lamp or ambulance light or streetlight or light on tv or lighthouse?

The sun by a long, long way. The moon only reflects the suns rays.

How the long do you leave the light on for marijuana?

12 hours of light 12 hours of dark

How long was the Olympic torch relay?

it was 4hrs long!

What does the torch look like in A Christmas Carol?

In "A Christmas Carol," the torch mentioned likely refers to a long stick with a flaming light source at the end. Torches were commonly used for illumination in outdoor settings during the time period in which the story is set. They emit a flickering light that casts shadows and adds to the atmosphere of the scene.

The olympic torch is how long?


Light for a torch and kinetic energy are both what?

Those are both kinds of energy. The light from the torch is an energy transformation, the chemical reaction of the burning of the torch creates radiant and thermal energy. Kinetic energy is just the energy when an object is in motion.

How long will the olympic torch be traveling?

1000 years

How long does the torch relay go on for?

fro ever

How long to leave light on for Goldfish?

Goldfish do not need their tank light on for more than 6 hours. Unless you have a lot of live plants in your tank, leaving the light on for a long time will result in an increase in algae in your tank. If you begin to see an algae bloom, then you're best to leave the light off for several days.

How long will the 2012 Olympic torch relay go for?