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the reason many ancient civilizations believed in gods was because they really didn't have much reason for many occurrences. If their was a hurricane or a volcanic eruption, it was because they thought the gods were mad at them. Having gods gave them a reason for things that at the time they couldn't explain.

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Q: Why did they believe in gods in these ancient civilizations?
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What did people in ancient civilizations believe their god and godes believe their gods and goddeses would do fo them?

The ancient people believed that the Gods and Goddesses they worshiped would protect them and bring them good harvest or the like. Women would pray to Hera/Juno for children usually.

What does Talocan mean?

it is the home of the gods and goddesses from the ancient Aztec civilizations

How was religion in ancient Greece similare to religion in ancient Egypt?

Both of these Ancient Civilizations worshipped many gods/goddesses.

What ancient civilizations named constellations?

Ancient Civilization has Greek mythology that they believe in.

What has the author Walter Addison Jayne written?

Walter Addison Jayne has written: 'The healing gods of ancient civilizations' -- subject(s): Ancient Medicine, Healing gods, Medicine, Ancient, Mythology

Do you believe in Greek gods?

No, but the ancient Greeks did.

Who created the gods in Ancient Rome?

Roman gods were invented over time just like those in all other civilizations. They started out with vague gods of their own but quickly absorbed those worshipped in Ancient Greece.

Did the ancient Egyptians believe in many gods?

The number of gods and goddesses the ancient Egyptians knew of and worshiped has not been counted.

Historians believe that Ancient Rome was most influenced by which of the following civilizations?


Why did the ancient people of the world have 1 believe in the gods?

not all the ancient people did the Greeks believed in like 50 gods/goddesses

What did the Ancient Greeks believe about gods?

they do not belive in them

Is Aphrodite alive?

Only if you believe in the ancient Greek gods.