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They arrived in Australia for a number of reasons

1.Convicts-a place to put them because Great Britain was getting crowded

2. Timber and flax for the ropes and masts of the ships

3.Expand the empire- prevent the french from getting it

- Increase prestige and colonies after losing the Americans

- Naval Base

4.Port for trade with Asia

5. Asylam for the American Loyalists


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Q: Why did the white settlers arrived to Australia?
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When did the white settlers arrive in western Australia?

YOUR MUM. Just kidding, the white settlers arrived in australia at the same time of the Great Leprechaun War, which was held in 1807

Where the first white settlers arrived in Australia?

There were 11 ships and they docked in Port Jackson.

What season did the first settlers come to Australia?

The first settlers arrived in Australia during Australia's mid-Summer.

When did the first non convict settlers arrive in Australia?

they arrived at 1793 in Australia

What year did the white settlers come to Australia?

The First Fleet brought the first official white settlers to Australia on 26 January 1788. These were the convicts, officers and marines, and their families. However, indications are that white settlers arrived long before this. The western coast of Australia is littered with wrecks of early Dutch ships, and there is evidence that survivors of these shipwrecks established settlements on Australia's western coast.

How many Aboriginal groups were ion there in Australia when the first European settlers arrived?

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How many aborginal people lived in Australia when white settlers arrived?

While exact numbers of aboriginal people in Australia at the time of European settlement are unknown, it is estimated there were anywhere between 350,000 and 1.5 million.

When did the English settlers come to South Australia?

The South Australian Colonisation Act was passed by the British Parliament in 1834, and the first settlers arrived in 1836. South Australia is the only state in Australia not to have been founded by convicts. Governor John Hindmarsh arrived in the new colony on the HMS Buffalo, accompanied only by free settlers, who were English.

When was Sydney settled by white people?

The first settlers arrived on 26 January 1788 at Sydney Cove. This is not only the date of the first settlement in Sydney, but also of the first white settlement anywhere in Australia. This is why Australians celebrate Australia Day on January 26.

When did the earliest settlers arrive in Australia?

Australia's first European settlers arrived in Australia on 26 January 1788. These early seetlers were primarily convicts from England, together with the officers and marines sent with them to help keep order and establish the new colony.

In what year did the first Free Settlers get to Australia?

There were free settlers on the First Fleet Which arrived in New South Wales in January 1788. They were the officers' wives and children. With each successive fleet, more free settlers came out. The Second Fleet arrived in New South Wales in June 1790.

Which country colonised Australia?

Great Britain colonised Australia. Australia was settled as a penal colony, and also a colony for free settlers (it was never a slave colony). Great Britain wished to expand its empire, and to offset the possibility of the French colonising the continent.The First Fleet arrived in 1788 and more free settlers sought passage on the Second Fleet which arrived in Sydney in 1790. Subsequent fleets brought more convicts and free settlers.