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Q: Why did the sprinter who came second win the gold?
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For this person alpine skiing was a family affair at the 1984 olympic games he narrowly beat his brother to win the gold medal?

Phil Mahre won the gold medal in the slalom event in the 1984 Winter Olympics by fractions of a second over his brother, Steve, who came in second to win silver.

Did olly murs win xfactor?

No he came second to Joe McElderry.

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no, crystal came second

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What sport does Australia win the second most gold medals?


Did usain become the first junior sprinter to do in 2004?

did he win?

Who was the first to win 4 gold medals in one Olympics?

It was Jesse Owens. In 1936 Jesse Owens was the first sprinter to win four Olympic golds in one year. Athlete Carl Lewis matched his record in 1984.

Did eminem win the rap Olympics in 1997?

no but he came a close second

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How many gold medals did Canada win in 2006 winter Olympics?

They won 7 gold medals and came 5.

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