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Q: Why did Muhammad ali light the Olympic torch?
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When did Muhammad ali light the torch in the Olympics?

Muhammad Ali Lit the the Olympic torch at the Olympics in 1996 IN Atlanta, Georgia. His real name is Cassius Clay. He changed his name because he changed his religion to Islam and the name Muhammad fit the religion more.

What 1960 Olympic champion lit the torch to start Atlanta's 1996 Olympic festivities?

Muhammad Ali.

What 1960 olympic gold medalist lit the cauldron whit the olympic torch in the 1996 summer game?

Muhammad Ali.

What 1960 Olympic champion lit the torch to start Atlantas 1996 Olympic festivities?

Light heavyweight boxing gold medalist Muhammad Ali, known in 1960 as Cassius Clay.

What 1960 Olympic champion lit the torch to start America's 1996 Olympic festivities?

MICHAEL johnson

When did Muhammad ali go to the Olympic's?

Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, won the gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in Rome.

Despite being ill with Parkinson's what sports legend lit the Olympic torch to begin the Atlanta Olympics?

Muhammad Ali

What American Olympic medal winners have carried the torch?

Rafer Johnson, Muhammad Ali, Janet Evans, and Serena Williams.

What famous athlete caried the Olympic torch?

Rafer Johnson (1984), Muhammad Ali (1996), Cathy Freeman (2000), and Li Ning (2008).

Who lit the torch in the 1996 Olympics at atlanta?

Muhammad Ali.

Who ignited the Olympic cauldron in the 1996 Olympic games?


What year did Muhammad ali get a medal at the olympic?