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Q: Why are the tributes given stylists and dressed so elaborately for the opening ceremony?
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To be elaborately dressed is to be ' dressed to the what?


To be elaborately dressed is to be dressed to the?

dressed to the nines dressed to the nines dressed to the nines ===== dressed to the hilt dressed to kill

What does this spanish word mean emperifolida?

'emperifollada' = (an) elaborately-dressed woman

What is a hooding ceremony?

A Hooding Ceremony is a special recognition ceremony for doctoral degree candidates during which a faculty advisor and the Dean of Graduate Academics place the doctoral hood, signifying his or her success in completing the graduate program. The ceremony is similar to a graduation in that the faculty and students are dressed in academic attire. The Hooding Ceremony is in addition to and does not replace the Graduate Commencement.

How does the opening ceremonies in the hunger games compare to real world ceremonies?

It slightly resembles the Olympics, when in the begging ceremonies there, athletes are dressed to represent their nation, much like the tributes represent their district.

What are some Cree customs and traditions?

Two are the vision ceremony & the scared circle.

Name something a celeb has to do before an awards ceremony starts?

Get dressed, walk red carpet, makeup/hair, interview, take pictures, rehearse

Is anyone married to a dog?

Only other dogs, that have been dressed up, and put through a wedding ceremony to please owners, that try to humanize their pets.

What geisha are most skilled at?

Geisha are very skilled at the art of conversation, at singing, dancing, tea ceremony, and entertaining.

What happens at a Japanese birth ceremony?

In Japan, a birth ceremony called "Omiyamairi" is often held at a shrine to introduce the newborn to the local deity and seek protection. During the ceremony, the baby is dressed in traditional attire and family members offer prayers and give gifts to celebrate the new arrival. It is a time for family and friends to come together to bless the child's future.

Is there another way of saying 'dressed to kill'?

Dressed to empress, dressed fresh, dressed clean.

Are there morticians in Japan?

Yes, there are morticians in Japan. When someone dies, they sometimes have the body prepared by a mortician for an encoffining ceremony, Once the body is prepared, they are often dressed in a white kimono. This is an older tradition and is not always done.