Who sponsors team GB?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I'm sorry but this is not a very easy question to answer. Team GB is the name given to all Great British sporting teams, among other Great British teams in international events/competitions. Below is a list of sponsors for individual sports/categories.

The Great British Swimming team is mostly sponsored by British Gas.

The Great British Football Clubs are financed mostly by the Great British football league - the Barclay's Premier League and the Championship being the main sources of football revenue. Football clubs are expected to pay the wages of the players who leave to many international games. The British government also provides additional money along with numerous companies (not all from Great Britain). The Nationwide logo is currently on the England shirt.

The GB Athletics teams are sponsored frequently by Aviva, though there are others who mostly sponsor individual athletes or specific athletic sports.

For the Olympics, particularly for London 2012, the British government provides some money for Great British teams.

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Wimbledon sponsors include: Evian, IBM, Rolex, Robinsons, HSBC, Lanson, Sony, Ralph Lauren, and Slazenger

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Q: Who sponsors team GB?
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