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Q: Who lit the torch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
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On what day of this year did the Olympics start on this year?

Beijing 2008 summer Olympics started august 8 when they lit the torch on the opening ceremony. The next summer Olympics will be London 2012.

When was the torch lit?

it was lit in 1956 Melbourne Olympics

Who lit the torch at the 1932 Olympics?


Who lit the torch 2010?

Wayne Gretzy lit the torch at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Does the torch for the Olympics stay lit after the Olympics?

No it is extinguished at the closing ceremonies

Where is the torch lit for the 2012 summer Olympics?


Who lit torch at sydney Olympics?

Cathy Freeman

Does the Olympic torch burn continuously or is it lit prior to each Olympics?

the torch is lit 3-4 months before the date of the olympics. the relay then takes place and is taken to the new venue of the olympics.

Does the Olympic torch stay lit?

It is extinguished at the closing ceremony of each Olympic Games. The torch is initially lit, by the Sun's rays that are concentrated by a mirror, at a ceremony in Olympia, Greece several months in advance of an Olympics. The relay then takes the torch to the site of the Olympics where the cauldron is lit with it.

Who lit the torch at the winter Olympics of 2010?

Wayne Gretzky!!

Who lit the torch in the 1996 Olympics at atlanta?

Muhammad Ali.

What celebrity lit the torch at the Atlanta summer Olympics?

Mohammed Ali