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The NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine. That is all I will tell you, but look it up. Geoff is probably one of the biggest innovators and at the least one of the US bobsled teams biggest supporters.

Or did you mean who in the bobsled is important? In that case every man is important on the sled.

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Q: Who is the most important person in a bobsled team a pusher or brakeman or the driver?
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What does a brakeman do?

The brakeman is the last person to get in the bobsled and has to push the hardest and the most. They pull the break attached to the bobsled at the end of their run, helping the bobsled loose speed and slow down to prevent from a crash of injury.

Why is it harder to stop a four person bobsled than three person bobsled?

A four-person bobsled has more mass and weight, so it carries more momentum and is harder to stop than a three-person bobsled. The additional person adds more weight, making it more difficult to slow down or stop the bobsled due to increased inertia.

Why is it harder to stop a four person bobsled than a three person bobsled?

The four bobsled is heavier and has a greater mass. There will be more momentum, leading to greater velocity making it harder to stop.

When were women finally allowed to compete in bobsled?

women's 2 person bobsled was admitted to the 2002 Winter Olympics

What do you call a person who runs a locomotive?

An engineer. A brakeman or a conductor may aspire to become an engineer.

Why is it harder to stop a 4 person bobsled?

The more weight the harder to stop.

What the name of the person who sits at the back of a bobsleigh?

The back member of bobsled is in charge of brake controlling.

What are some Questions for bobsledding?

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An aggressive driver is a person who?

An aggressive driver is a person who drives

What is a defense driver?

a defensive driver is a person who has road rage.

Why isn't there an event for a four person women's bobsled team in the Olympics?

2 reasons.The IOC does not want toThere are not enough competitors in that sport

Why can't the president sit behind his driver?

The president must be where both the driver and secret service agents can see him at all times, since it is their job to protect him. Also, historically, a person in authority sat in the rear and the driver sat in the front to show the social status of each person: the person in the back seat was so important that he (or in some cases, she) had a personal driver. You can still see this in countries with royalty-- the king or queen sits in back, and the driver sits up front, reflecting that the driver works for the member of royalty.