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Rebecca Adlington

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Q: Who is the holder of the women's Olympic record for 100m backstroke?
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Who holds the 10000m women's olympic record?

the holder of the womens 10000m olympic record is Tirunesh dibaba the holder of the womens 10000m olympic record is Tirunesh dibaba the holder of the womens 10000m olympic record is Tirunesh dibaba

Who is the current womens 100m Olympic record holder?

The world record holder for a woman is a Mexican girl named Ana Guevara with a time of 35.30 seconds.

Who is the womens 100m sprint record holder?

Florence Griffith-Joyner.

Who won the womens 200m backstroke swimming gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe in the world record time of 2:05.24.

What is the olympic 1500m womens record?

The Olympic record for the women's 1500 meter run is 3:53.96 set by Paula Ilie-Ivan of Romania at the 1988 Games in Seoul.

Who holds the olympic record for the womens 200m sprint?

Florence Griffiths Joyner (USA) 21.34s

Who won the first Gold Medal in Womens Hockey at the 22nd Olympiad?

That was Zimbabwe. That gold medal was the only medal Zimbabwe had won in Olympic competition until 2004 when Kirsty Coventry won three medals in swimming (gold in 200 meter backstroke, silver in 100 meter backstroke, bronze in 200 meter individual medley).

Who won womens marathon in the 2000 Olympics?

Naoko Takahashi of Japan in a time of 2:23:14, the current Olympic record.

Who won the womens 800m swimming in 2008 olympic games?

Rebecca Adlington of Australia in a world record time of 8:14.10.

What events do swimmers do?

Olympic events: 50,100,200,400,800(women),1500(men),3km(marathon swim)freestyle. 100,200 Backstroke. 100,200 Butterfly. 100,200 Breastroke. 200,400 Individual Medley. Mens and womens 4x100 Medley and Freestyle Relays.

Who is the womens world record holder of long jump in India?

Mercy Kuttan was the first Indian Woman to cross 6 meters in Long Jump in India

In which Olympic womens first participated?

The 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.