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Q: Who is Michael stone in junior Olympics video Blind?
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Who is Michael stone in junior Olympics?

According to a story by David Naster in A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Michael Stone was a blind pole vaulter who beat the National and International pole vault record in an unknown year. A link is found below.(the story is fictional, and meant only for inspiration, and not facts--although it does pretty accurately take you though the mind set of a vaulter in competition)

What is biography of Michael Stone pole vaulter?

Michael stone was a great pole vaulting champion.He leant the skills of becoming a champion from his father.His father was a hard core realist.He insisted on hardwork.He helped his son to go through a careful regimented -weight- lifting programme.His mother was always a great supporter.She read innumerable stories to make him a champion.Michael stone won a gold medal in National junior Olympics. He broke his own record twice.He showed the world that he can create wonders.His passion for excellence made him a champion.

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