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matty riches

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Q: Who holds the world record for synchronized diving and who broke it?
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Who holds the world record for synchronized diving?

senzo sliviski

Who holds the world record for diving?

Tom Daley

Who holds the career interception record at the university of Michigan?

Tom Curtis. Ryan Leach broke that record with 35 in 1978 and Chad Henne broke that with 37 in 2007. Denard Robinson broke that record in 2012 with a total of 38.

Who broke Barry Bonds record of 73 home runs?

As of the 2009 season, Barry Bonds still holds the single seaon home run record with 73.

What English premier league player holds the record for the most goals scored in UEFA Champions league?

Wayne Rooney just broke the record and is now the highscorer.

Who hel the all time home run record and the single season home run record at the same time?

Barry Bonds* Holds both records. He broke Hank Aaron's record of homers in 2007 and has 762 and broke McGwire's single-season record in 2001 and has 73. But note the asterisk.

Whatsport did SERGEI Bubka compete in?

he was a pole vaulter and he broke the world record about 14 times and still holds it!! i love him hes my idol

Marita koch 400 meter dash record timed history?

Marita Koch currently holds the women's world record in the 400 meter dash at 47.60 seconds set in 1985. She set the world record seven times and broke her own world record five times. Marita Koch's world record times: 1) 49.19 seconds - broke the existing world record of Irena Szewinska (49.28 seconds) on July 2, 1978. 2) 49.03 seconds - broke her own world record on August 19, 1978. 3) 48.94 seconds - broke her own world record on August 31, 1978. 4) 48.89 seconds - broke her own world record on August 4, 1979. 5) 48.60 seconds - broke her own world record on August 29, 1979. 6) 48.16 seconds - broke her own world record on September 8, 1982. 7) 47.60 seconds - broke the existing world record of Jarmila Kratochvilova (47.99 seconds) on October 6, 1985.

Who holds the American record for the most winter olympic medals with six?

Prior to 2010, Bonnie Blair had 6 Olympic gold medals. Apolo Ohno broke that record by winning 8 total medals.

What car is faster an Audi r8 v12 lemans or bugatti veyron?

A supersonic thrust car made in Britain. It broke and still holds the land speed record!

What was the name of the first deep boat to set a deep diving record of 35810 feet in the Marianas Trench?

The Trieste was a Swiss-designed deep-diving research bathyscaphe with a crew of two, which reached a record-breaking depth of about 10,900 metres (35,761 ft), in the deepest known part of any ocean on Earth, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean on January 23, 1960. It still holds the record 50 years on.

Who holds the NFL record for most rushes in a season with 416?

In the 2006 season, Larry Johnson of the Chiefs broke Jamal Anderson's record of most rushing attempts in a season. Johnson's 416 attempts bettered Anderson's 410.