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1. Track

2. Volleyball

3. Tennis

4. Rowing

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Q: Which outdoor Olympics event would you hate to participate in on a very hot day?
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Is there a limit to the number of events at the Olympics in which a person may participate?

No, if an athlete qualifies in any event they may participate in that event. The only problem with qualifying in more than one sport would be finding the time to train properly for it.

What is the biggest sports event in the world?

boxing because every country known participate in it. .locally and internationally

What continent did not participate in the first modern Olympics?

There were three continents that did not participate: Antarctica, Asia, and Africa. There is some dispute as to whether or not Chile participated in the 1896 Olympics. If they didn't, then the number would go up to four to include South America.

What are the axamples of global events?

A global event would be something like the Olympics.

Outdoor Umbrella Table for Entertaining?

The largest sized table that is available for an outdoor umbrella can handle up to ten chairs. It would be great for a large event.

Is soccer an event in the Olympics?

Yes, soccer is an event at the Olympics. However some countries are not represented. For instance the UK normally has 4 soccer teams at international events England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but they would only be allowed one team at the Olympics.

Is Iraq banned from the 2008 Olympics?

No, Iraq sent 4 athletes to participate in Bejing. Yes, it was announced that Iraq would be banned.

What do greek gods do for fun?

They would participate in the Olympics & watch plays (dramas) & I don't know for sure but they might have listened to music.

What annual event is held in Omaha NE that college boys would like to participate?

College World Series

How do you participate in the water balloon fight on Howrse?

By now that event is over. Sorry! And you would have had to gone to the events page.

What year did the Olympics boycott the summer Olympics?

The 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan spurred Jimmy Carter to issue an ultimatum on January 20, 1980 that the United States would boycott the Moscow Olympics if Soviet troops did not withdraw from Afghanistan within one month. Sixty-five countries did not participate in the Olympics despite being invited. While some of these may not have participated because of the boycott, some did not participate for economic reasons.

What are some good outdoor ideas for a corporate team building event?

Some good venues for a corporate event would be a picnic or a company camping trip. They are great for morale.