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Q: Which country does the corncrake spend the winter in?
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In winter does a country spend more time in the sunlight than in the dark?

No, the opposite is true. It is less light during the winter.

Where does the corncrake lay its eggs?

in its nest

Why is the corncrake endangered?

habitat loss being shot to sell

Did john hewitt write a poem named the day of the corncrake?

There is no record of John Hewitt having written a poem titled "The Day of the Corncrake." John Hewitt was a Northern Irish poet and had a diverse body of work, but this specific poem does not appear to be part of his repertoire.

Where did Lewis and Clark spend the winter?

they spent the winter at the mountains.

What is migration habits of Red Winged Blackbirds?

Birds from northern states move to the middle or southern parts of the country in fall, where they spend the winter.

How do butterflies spend the winter?

like normall

How do grizzly bears spend the winter?


Where does a dessert turtle spend its winter?

in its shell

Why do swallows fly south in winter?

To spend the northern winter in a nice warm place.

How do SLUGS survive the winter?

they live anywhere where they can mate, this way they can spend the winter occupied

Why don't insects such as butterflies spend the winter in their active stage of caterpillar and adult?

Butterflies and caterpillars do not spend winter months in active stages because their food sources too low to survive the winter.