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Q: Where was the first nahjul balagha conference held?
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When did the first round table conference held in Indian independence movement?

The first round table conference was held in 1930 in London. The congress did not participate in the 1st round table conference

When was first Buddhist conference held?


When was the first Head of Government conference held?

when was the first head of govrnment held in

When did the first round table conference table held?

it was held on nov12,1930 in london.

Where was the first doha conference on trade held?

Doha, Qatar

Where was the first Geneva conference held?

In 1864 in Geneva, Switzerland.

What year was the first heads of government conference held?


What was the event that Eleanor Rosevelt held in 1933?

the first press conference.

When was Arse Elektronika created?

The first Arse Elektronika conference was held in 2007. It is an annual conference based on sex and technology.

Where was the conference held that decided these boundaries of Europe in 1815?

The conference was held in Vienna.

Which president held the first live unedited press conference?

kurva mashintoch

Which US President held the first live televised press conference?