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he is in sparkleton

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Q: Where is vector in Mario and sonic winetr Olympics ds adventure tour?
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What is the password in Mario and sonic winter Olympics in cubrinth?

Come back to that area after Vector has joined your party; he has the password.

Where do you find vector the crocadile in Mario and sonic at the olyimpic winter games?

He is in Icepeak, but outside of the adventure mode he is playable in any event.

Where do you find vector in Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games?

Vector is a playable character in the power section right from wario and left from bowser on the character selection screen. In Adventure, u can find him in deep of icepeak.

What are the characters Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games?

Mario -luigi -Yoshi- peach --bowser-daisy-wario-waluigi-sonic-dr eggman-knuckles-tails-Amy-blaze-shadow-vector

How do you get Vector on your team on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic winter games adventure tour?

you have to have shadow and then go back to go on a gondola in cubyrinth and there will be this puzzle do that (i dont know what the code is?)

What sonic games are out?

LOADS! Sonic colors, sonic rush, Mario and sonic at the Olympic games (Now there's 2012 Olympics and winter Olympics!) Sonic unleashed, Sonic and the secret rings, sonic generations, sonic heroes, sonic adventure 2 battle, sonic adventure, sonic 2006, the original sonic the hedgehog AND MUCH MORE

Is there an adventure mode in Mario Kart wii?

If you consider adventure mode as having a storyline, then no.

How do 1ups on Super Mario Brothers help you?

They give Mario extra lives which is critical for Mario's adventure.

Is vector in Mario games or sonic?

Nether he is in super smash bros Vector the Crocodile (if this is the Vector you are referring to in the question) is part of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise and has made an appearance in Sonic games such as Sonic Heroes and all three games of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series.

Why do Mario and Sonic go to the Olympics?

Eggman and bowser plan to ruin the Olympics, when sonic and Mario hear this they come together to stop the villans plans

Is there will be Mario and luigi dumb adventure?

yep,on you tube search Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures

Is there a new Super Mario Brothers online free?

no BUT there is how ever a New Super Mario FLASH game called Mario's Adventure 2.