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Q: Where is the headquarters of international Olympics committee located?
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Where is the International Olympic Committee located?

The headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Where are headquarters of International Olympic Committee located?

Lausanne, Switzerland

Who decided the Olympics would be in London?

The IOC: International Olympic Committee located in Lausanne, Switzerland

Why are they speaking french first at the games opening?

Because the founder of the Modern Olympic Games was French, and the Headquarters of the International Olympic Committee is located in Switzerland. English is also an official language of the Olympics. When announcements are made at the Games, they are made in French, English, and the language of the host country.

Where are the headquarters for Barbour International located?

Barbour international is well known company worldwide and is quite prestigious. The headquarters for Barbour International are located in the Simon Side.

Where is the headquarters of ICC located?

The headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Amnesty international headquarters is located at?


Where is the headquarters of the Amnesty International located?


Where are the headquarters of Yahoo International located?

The Yahoo International headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, California. Yahoo has headquarters in many other cities, mostly in California, but also Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan.

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The headquarters of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Whose headquarters is located on international territory in New York City?

The United Nations Headquarters.

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