Where did the torch start from?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Where did the torch start from?
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Why does the Olympic torch start at Athens?

The Olympic torch start at Athens, Greece because that is where the first Olympics were held.

What is the olymipc torch?

It is a torch that people light up at the start and end of the Olympics.

Where did the torch relay start?

in Greece

What should you put in the gap of the battery belonging to the torch for the torch to start working?

a power poiint

Where will the torch relay start for the 2010 Olympics?

in Athens

Where will the 2012 Olympic torch start?

the 2012 olympics will start in London July the 25th

Where did the torch relay start for the atlanta ol ympics?

6 times

When did the torch relay for the 2008 Olympics start?

The Torch Lighting Ceremony was held March 24 in Olympia, Greece. Click on the '2008 Olympic Torch Lighting' link below to see a short video of the ceremony.

Where did the olympic torch start for 2012?

19 May from Land's End to Plymouth

What 1960 oiympic champion lit the torch to start Atlanta?

Muhammad Ali.

Can you start s lightbub with a battery?

Yes, if the bulb is of the right voltage, as in a torch (flashlight).

Tools that begin with the letter W?

Wrench and welding torch are tools. They start with the letter W.