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Q: When was the rio 2016 olympic village made?
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When are the Olympic games in Rio?


Where wil the olympic games be held in 2016?

They will be held in Rio.

What sport is taking place in 2016 in Rio?

In 2016, the Summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

What is the host city of 2016 Olympic game?

The 2016 Olympic hosts are announced at the 2010 Olympic ceremonies in Vancouver.

Who is the youngest athelete in 2016 Rio Olympic?

Gaurika Singh from Nepal is the youngest olympian in 2016 Rio Olympic. She is just 13 and took part in swimming events.

Is Brazil hosting Olympic?

Yes. In Rio de Janeiro the 2016 Olympic

What will the 2016 olympic torch look like?

it will have the statue from rio on it

Where is the next 2016 Olympic games held?

Rio in Brazil

When will Rio de Janeiro host the olympic game?


Is golf in the Olympic games?

Golf is not currently in the Olympics, but will be in Rio 2016.

Who will be the host of the 2016 Olympic Games?

In Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

Where does Olympic games held in 2016?

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.