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Q: When was the first panorama competition held?
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What year and date did panorama in Trinidad first started?

Panorama is the name of an annual musical competition that takes place in Trinidad. Steelbands perform and competer with each other for a prize. The first one started in 1949 in Antigua and in 1963 in Trinidad.

When was the first origami competition held?


Where was the first firing range competition held in 1874 and who were the participants?

the first firing range competition was in Nebraska

When was the first miss world competition held?


When was the first pipeline masters competition held?


What was the first badminton competition in the world and when was it held?

Germany 1762

When and where was the first men's artistic gymnastics competition held?

When: 1896 Where: I'm not sure

Why were the first modern summer Olympics held?

To show the sprirt of international competition.

Where and when did the first sporting competition for people with disabilities take place?

The first disabilities sporting competition was held on 1942 March 5 in Vatican City, Italy.

State the year and country where the first t20competition was held?

state the year and country where the 1st 20 20 competition was held

When did panorama festival start in Trinidad and tobago?

The panorama festival was first started in the year 1963.

Which international winter sport competition was first held in ChamonixFrancein 1924?

winter olympics