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Q: When did the first vote take place in America?
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Who was the first person to vote in America?

Remark Bengkok

Can you vote at the age of 16 in Britain?

No, you have to be 18 but in the Scottish independence referendum that will take place in autumn 2014, 16-year-olds will be allowed to vote for the first time.

What is the first and most important power of the people in America?

To vote

Where will the vote for president take place?

Citizens cast their vote at their prescribed voting place. When you receive your voter registration card, you will also receive information as to where your voting place will be. You can only cast your vote here.

When can you vote in America?

you can vote in America when you are eighteen and register

Who could vote in early America?

In the early years of Colonial America, only white, male, landowners could vote.

Who were the other nominees for the Heisman Trophy besides Pete Dawkins in 1958?

The top 10 vote getters in the 1958 Heisman voting ... 1) RB Pete Dawkins, Army - 296 first place votes and 1394 total vote points. 2) QB Randy Duncan, Iowa - 194 first place votes and 1021 total vote points. 3) RB Billy Cannon, LSU - 198 first place votes and 975 total vote points. 4) RB Bob White, Ohio State - 40 first place votes and 365 total vote points. 5) QB Joe Kapp, California - 47 first place votes and 227 total vote points. 6) RB Bill Austin, Rutgers - 26 first place votes and 197 total vote points. 7) OL Bob Harrison, Oklahoma - 26 first place votes and 187 total vote points. 8) RB Dick Bass, Pacific - 14 first place votes and 96 total vote points. 9) QB Don Meredith, SMU - 10 first place votes and 75 total vote points. 10) RB Nick Pietrosante, Notre Dame - 8 first place votes and 70 total vote points.

How can I vote for Frank Skinner on America's got talent?

I want to vote "yes" for Frank Skinner on tonight's America's Got Talent Show! This is my first time trying to vote and I need the number to call to vote for Skinner! Thanks, Peyton Keaton

Who was the first race to vote?

In America, the first race eligible to vote where Caucasians that were citizens (they had to be landowning and be over seventeen). However, Amendments to the Constitution have changed that over time.

Why was it special about women getting the vote in New Zealand?

because it was the first place in the world to allow women to vote.

What was the first American country to give women the right to vote?

The United States of America

When does a ruoff primary take place?

when a candidate receives less then required % of vote