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Q: When did official records of the Olympic Games begin?
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Which official event takes place before the Olympic games begin?

The torch carry around to the different locations that the past olympic games were held. Also there is the opening ceremony.

When do the Olympic games in China begin?

The Olympic games begin on the 8th of August 2008.

When will the Youth Olympic Games begin?

The inaugural Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010 will begin on 14 August.

When do the olympic games begin?

february 12

Did Olympic games begin in Greece?


When did the modern Olympic Games begin?


When did the pentathlon begin?

1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.

The ancient olympic gammes begin in what year?

The first Olympic games began in 776BC.

When do the 2011 Olympics start?

There are no Olympic games in 2011. The next Olympic games begin in London on July 27, 2012.

Where did olympic wrestling begin?

the Olympic wrestling began in ancient Greece, and have records of it from cave painting of prehistory. but mainly it started in Greece and Rome

Why did the ancient olympic games begin?

all because of something

From what occasion did the Greek calendar begin?

the first olympic games