When did Nigeria host an Olympic game?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Nigeria has never hosted the Olympics in the history of olympics and this is wickedness.

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Q: When did Nigeria host an Olympic game?
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When did Samoan host the Olympic game?

Samoa has never hosted an Olympic Games.

When will Rio de Janeiro host the olympic game?


What is the highest scoring Olympic basketball game?

156 by the USA men against Nigeria

Which host country had not won single gold medal in that olympic game?


When did Nigeria win her first Olympic gold medal?

Nigeria won her first Olympic gold medal in 1876

What is the host city of 2016 Olympic game?

The 2016 Olympic hosts are announced at the 2010 Olympic ceremonies in Vancouver.

How many years does a city have to wait before they can host another Olympic game?

4 years

Which is the only country to host the summer Olympic game in consecutive decades of the 20th century?


Is Nigeria qualify for olympic 2012?

Nigeria has not qualified yet but have a good chance to

What do cities do for transportation when they host the olympic game?

They minimize all the vehicles that they think make the traffic heavier

How many times has India held the Olympics?

0 times. They have yet to host a summer or winter Olympic game.

What year Beijing host the summer olympics game?

Beijing, China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.