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Individuals paid premiums for OHIP at least until 1990 unless these premiums were covered by your employer contract, or social welfare etc. I believe it was in the early 1990's that premiums were eliminated for individuals, and employers with more than one employee became responsible for premium charges.

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Q: What year were OHIP premiums paid by employers?
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The pure loss ratio is a measure used in insurance to assess the proportion of premiums that an insurer pays out in claims. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of incurred losses by the total amount of earned premiums, excluding any expenses or additional factors. A lower pure loss ratio indicates more profitability for the insurer.

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form_title=Key Person Insurance form_header=Protect your company's future. Being prepared to handle the loss of a key executive or key employee is important. Amount of Insurance Desired:=_ Term Period:= {(),10 Year,15 Year,20 Year,25 Year,30 Year} Premiums Paid:= {(),Annual,Monthly}

Will the cost of employer-paid health insurance will be included as income on W-2 tax forms in 2011?

Not as taxable income. But yes the amount will be included on the W-2 form if the employer is receiving the tax credit for the amount of the premiums. This information will be to inform the employee of the amount of the premiums that the employer is paying on the employees medical insurance benefit for the year 2010.