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To unite each part of Greece for these one games (Olympics), and to stop all war until the games were over. Just for fun, really. :P

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Q: What was the purpose of athletic competition in ancient Greece?
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How did the athletic competition develop in ancient Greece?

They were celebrations for the gods. The Olympics was for Zeus.

What was the purpose of athletics in ancient Greece?

Physical fitness, competition and self aggrandizement, and as ceremonies honouring the gods.

What did a gymnasium in Ancient Greece function as?

A gymnasium in Ancient Greece was a place where adult men would train for athletic events. The athletic events were viewed as a tribute to the Greek Gods.

In ancient Greece why were athletic competitions held?

To honor the gods.

What was the most prestigious festival in which athletic competition took place in Greece?

the Olympic Games .

What was ancient Greece discus?

Dialogue is the proper word for the ancient Greek meaning discuss If the question refers to the discus - the athletic throwing event in the track and field competition which is an Olympic Games sport then we have the word discos/ δίσκος.

What was the purpose of panathenaic games?

The purpose of these games in ancient Greece was to honor the goddess Athena.

What were the two reasons for the athletic Games in ancient Greece?

A festival in honour of the god Zeus.

What was the purpose of athletic events Greece?

To honor the god Zeus. King of all gods

In pankration the book were are the main settings?

The main settings in "Pankration" by Dyan Blacklock are ancient Greece, particularly the city of Athens, and the training ground where the protagonist, Nic, hones his skills in the sport of pankration. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the Panathenaic Games, an athletic competition held in honour of the goddess Athena.

What is the purpose of the ancient Greece beliefs?

farting chodes

How do I start my report on Ancient Greece?

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