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Cycling- woman road race

Aurelie Hawlbacks ( former African time trial champion and current bronze medalist of Africa championships)

Triathlon- Women

Fabienne St Louis ( Mauritian Champion & winner in French championships)

Beach Volley - Women Team A

Elodie Li Yue & Natasha Rigobert (+Seerunghen- subs)


Men - Mathieu Marquette ( Indian ocean islands Champion)

Women- Heather Arseth ( Indian ocean islands Champion, Mauritian Champion & multi-national record breaker)

Boxing Men-

Olivier Lavigilante -52 kg

Richarno Colin ( former African champion, Indian Ocean island champion & Mauritian Champion -64 kg)


Anabelle Lascar - 800 m women race

Fabrice Coiffic - 100 m & 200 m Race men

Judo -

1 ( confirmed)

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There were over 10,000 athletes in the 2012 Olympics

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Q: What was the name of the people in the 2012 olympic team?
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