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Q: What was the aim of the International Olympic Committe?
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Who decides where the Olympics is?

the IOC ( international olympic committe )

What does ioc stand for and who is the president of the ioc?

international olympic committe

Who organises the The olympic games?

The International Olympic committe (IOC) run the gamesand organise the bidding. however for each indiidual games each cit has its own board which run the games in THAT city.

Who is in charge of the london 2012 Olympics?

the olympic committe

Who choses where the olympics takes place?

The Olympic Committe (an international organization), listens to proposals from cities interested in hosting the games, and makes a decision where the games will be held

When was International Olympic Committee created?

International Olympic Committee was created in 1894.

What is the abbreviation for International Olympic Committee?

IOC is the abbreviation for the International Olympic Comittee.

When was International Society of Olympic Historians created?

International Society of Olympic Historians was created in 1991.

Who canceled the 1916 Olympic games?

The International Olympic Commitee.

Who decides what is or is not an Olympic sport?

The IOC - International Olympic Commitee.

What is the governing body of the Olympic Games?

The organizer of the Olympic Games is the International Olympic Committee.

Who pays the Olympic American winner?

The IOC, International Olympic Comittee.