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It is over and Won by Tiki Gelana Ethiopia (ETH) 2:23:07 Olympic Record Silver Medal Priscah Jeptoo Kenya (KEN) Bronze Medal Tatyana Arkhipova Russia (RUS)

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Q: What time does ladies olympic marathon start?
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Who won the 2012 olympic men marathon?

Tiki Gelana from Ethiopia with a new Olympic Record time of 2:23:07

What time does the NYC marathon start?


What was the winning time of the mens olympic marathon in Beijing this year?

2:06:32 by Samuel Wanjiru of Kenya, a new Olympic record.

What time does the Boston Marathon start?

9:00 AM

Who was the winner of the 2004 men's Olympic marathon?

Stefano Baldini of Italy in a time of 2:10:55.

What record did Tiki Gelana break in the marathon in London 2012 Olympics?

The Olympic Record with a time of 2:23:07

Who was the winner of 2008 men's marathon in the Olympics?

Samuel Wanjiru of Kenya in a time of 2:06:32, an Olympic record.

What are the names Male british olympic marathon runners 2008?

The men's record in the London Marathon was set in 2011 by Emmanuel Mutai in a time of 2:04:38.

Who ran barefoot in the 1960 Olympic games and became the first Black African to win an olympic gold Medal?

Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia in men's marathon. Bikila won gold in the marathon four years later in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics ... this time he was wearing shoes.

Who won womens marathon in the 2000 Olympics?

Naoko Takahashi of Japan in a time of 2:23:14, the current Olympic record.

Who won gold medal for the women's marathon in 2004 olympic games?

Mizuki Noguchi of Japan in a time of 2:26:20.

Who was the Winner of 1900 Marathon Paris?

At the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris that was Michel Théato of Luxembourg in a time of 2:59:40.