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110m hurdles

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Q: What sport is Liu Xiang Chinese olympic champion famous for?
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What is Chinese olympic champion Liu Xiang famous for?

He is famous for winning lots of gold meadal

Who is china's most famous olympic athlete?

Li Ning Liu Xiang Yao Ming

Famous Chinese athletes?

A famous Chinese basketball player who plays for the Houston Rockets team is Yao Ming. A famous Chinese runner is Liu Xiang.

What has the author Minzhi Xiang written?

Minzhi Xiang has written: 'Xiang xi qing ge' -- subject(s): Love songs, Texts, Chinese Folk poetry, Chinese Folk songs

What country did the surname 'Xiang' come from?

It's Chinese

What Chinese athleats won gold medals?

Some of China's most famous athletes to win gold medals include Liu Xiang and Li Ning.

What does wo xiang ai mean?

Chinese? WO = ME or I XIANG = WANT TO / WANT AI = LOVE / LIKE Hope This Helped

Chinese athlete who was unable to complete the hurdles?

Liu Xiang

How do you spell believe in Chinese?

相信 (xiang xin).

What has the author Xiang Zhang written?

Xiang Zhang has written: 'Shi ci qu yu ci hui shi' -- subject(s): Chinese literature, Chinese poetry, Dictionaries

I love you baby in Chinese?

You can say: Woo Xiang Gan Ni.

What is cilantro translated into Chinese?

香菜, which is pronounced xiang tsai